Frequently Asked Questions

At the Front Desk on your first day

Present your receipt to the Front Desk Executive to get your Thumb Impression registered on the Biometric device in order to start using the gym. Our representative will arrange your appointment with the Programmer and Nutritionist to prepare your fitness program and diet chart as per your needs / goals.

On The Gym Floor

We have designated Trainers for each section (zone) in our gym.
A Floor Supervisor is present at all times on the gym floor to attend to your queries / suggestions. If your queries are not attended within a reasonable time, please contact us on 9822644444 / This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Promise of Fitness

On joining, an Exercise Schedule Card will be prepared for you keeping in mind essential factors such as your age, fitness goal, previous experience and medical history. Our Fitness Personnel are certified.

Sharda Niketan

Monday to Saturday: 6:00 am – 8:00 pm
Sunday Closed

Membership guidelines

•        Gym temperature will be maintained between 22˚C to 24˚C.

•        Solaris premises are under CCTV Surveillance.

•        We request Members to read updates displayed on the notice board.

•        Sports attire & indoor shoes are mandatory.

•        It is mandatory to carry your own napkins to wipe seat after using the machines.

•        Members are requested to avoid using mobile phone on the gym floor.

•        Our Programmer will prepare Member’s exercise card and show how to use the machines on the first day.

•        There will be only one Trainer on the floor to assist all the members, hence he/she will not be able to give continuous attention to one particular Member.

•        Counselling dates from programmer and nutritionist will be fixed, they will be available twice a week.

•        In case Members expect uninterrupted assistance during their work out, we recommend our

         “Personal Training” facility where a dedicated trainer will assist you throughout your session.

•        Members may use the treadmill for maximum 15 minutes.

•        Do not through dumbbells on the floor.

•        Replace weights after every set for your own and others’ safety.

•        Do not leave personal belongings such as keys, mobiles etc. on the seats or benches.

•        Solaris will not be responsible for loss or theft or damage to any personal belongings.

•        For security reasons we do not offer permanent lockers to any Members.

•       Members are allowed to use the lockers only during workout. Solaris will not be responsible for any belongings left overnight.

•       Misbehavior (loose comments, whistling, shouting, being violent etc.) towards any Staff or fellow Members will lead to immediate Membership  
         termination without refund and possible legal action.

•        Members are requested to finish their workout and leave the premises by gym closing time.

•        Members are not allowed to conduct any group activities in the Gym premises.

•        Any kind of promotion requires Director’s written permission.

•        Staff has no authority to change the music or volume.

•        Staff is not allowed to leave the premises during their duty hours.

•        Trainer or Staff is not allowed to look after any personal belongings of any Members.

•       As a part of training for better opportunities, Trainers or Personal Trainers will be transferred within Branches as and when required.

•       Unless the Staff receives written permission from the Director, they are NOT allowed to make any exceptions/ special promises.

•       We do not recommend or supply any kind of supplements, medications, anabolics, steroids, drugs, herbal products and fat burners to Member.

•        Right of admission is reserved.


We are committed to offer each Member the best possible service. If you are not happy with our services, please contact your Branch Manager immediately. If the problem is not resolved within a reasonable time, please contact


Parking is at owner’s risk.

Activating Your Membership

All memberships must be activated within a set time frame. All Annual memberships have to be activated within 30 days and those of shorter duration (i.e. less than one year) within 15 days.

Special Promises

In case of any deviation from any of the listed policies and provisions, we require members to ask for a `Special Promises Voucher’. While we concede that at times, our Sales Executives may promise you something other than the norm, unless it is reflected on the voucher in hand, it will not be entertained. Please also note that any extraneous communication presented on your personal letterhead will not be accepted.

Collateral Membership

Vouchers from Home Club are required to avail of this special facility on payment of Rs. 50 to the Home Club.

Member to Non-Member Transfer

Such a transfer of membership is possible only on payment of Rs. 2500 as fees. It is the responsibility of members to identify non-members, membership can be transferred to anyone who is not a member.

Inter- Club Transfer

 Such a transfer is possible on payment of Rs. 2500 as transfer fees. To upgrade a membership, the Management holds the right to transfer the member to a particular club and the difference in membership fees (if any), will have to be paid in full by the member.

SMS Alerts

We send various offers / alerts through messages on mobile. Please inform the Duty Manager  if you do not wish to receive such messages on your mobile.


As a member, it is your right to demand a receipt. It is highly recommended that all members convert their hand written receipts (necessitated by an unavoidable systems malfunction) into computerized receipts within 10 days of issue to ensure better billing records.

  •     Solaris Fitness World follows a No-Refund-Policy.
  •     The Management reserves the right to alter the policies without prior intimation.