Message From The Director

It is one of the most wonderful feeling to be able to do what you love to do and when work is nothing but passion ! Or when you look forward to a Monday and wish there was no holiday on Sunday. Credit goes to all the members who gave us the opportunity to serve them for eleven years and continue to do so today. And to say the least, all of my colleagues who worked very hard to build Solaris to what it is today.

Frankly there have always been several selfish motives behind this passion 1. conduct business which helps develop health and sports among citizens of all ages 2. keep aside a certain portion of the profits for organising educational and sports events for hundreds of less fortunate but deserving children on a very regular basis 3. develop an army of colleagues and members who devote their time to make a positive difference in our own surroundings.

We realise that there is still room for improvement hence regular training is mandatory in Solaris. Our consistent growth over the eleven years has further fuelled us to do better so that all of members are motivated enough to make exercise and sports a part of their lifestyle.

We would like to thank each one of our existing as well as future members and I promise on behalf of Team Solaris that we will strive to do better even as we expand our branches and also keep aside some portion of our profits for supporting social work as a Corporate Policy.


Jayant Pawar